The terms “Supplier”, “STC” , “Provider” , “Vending Supplier” represents SPICED TEA CHAI PTY LTD,
And the terms “Operator” , “Vending Operator” , “Site Owner” , “Site” , represents the Business/Individual/Company leasing or operating the Machine.

The Site Owner agrees that during the term of this agreement, no machine(s) capable of TEA vending products shall be installed on the Site(s) without the prior approval of STC.
The Vending operator maintains full liability for the equipment supplied by Spiced Tea Chai Pty Ltd, the stock remains the liability of the operator and any other damage that results as a consequence of the machinery misuse or because of its usage by operator/staff ignorance/fault that results in damage to equipment is liability of the operator. Public and products liability coverage of $20 million is in place and a Workers Compensation Policy covering its employees is current (where applicable).

Provision of the services required is the responsibility of the site. The Site Owner will take all reasonable precautions to ensure safe and secure operation of the machines. The Site Owner shall allow access to the machine for filling or maintenance at times the premises are occupied.

Prices may be adjusted as with normal business practices from time to time and prices may change without notice. Please contact STC, for updated price listing at any time.

Only the high quality tea products supplied by STC are to be stocked in the Tea Machine(s). Products used other than those provided by STC in the supplied machine will result in breaking of this contractual agreement and Supplier will have full right to withdraw the contract and take the supplied machine into possession without any further notices given to Operator.

The operator shall notify STC within 10 days of closure of business or relocation.

The Site Owner acknowledges the ownership of the Machines remains with the STC. No other party may interfere with the equipment under any circumstances. Only STC, its officers or employees may move or relocate the machine.

Notwithstanding the term of this agreement STC reserves the right to withdraw any or all of the machines from any site at any time and this agreement will be at an end. Terms and Conditions of the agreement may be changed any time by STC without notice at any time. However, STC may provide notice of change to its customers via agreed method of contact.

If in the reasonable opinion of the Site Owner, the service provided by the STC, is not satisfactory, then the Site Owner shall notify STC, in writing stating its particular complaint. STC shall then have one month to rectify any reasonable fault. If STC fails to comply within one month, this agreement will be at an end.

Special Conditions *Please see Special Conditions Section*

We make every effort to supply the initial merchandise with your order. We will supply with initial 1KG Tea “Free of Cost” along with Machine. The products however are subject to availability. If there is any problem fulfilling your order, you will be notified immediately.
Model availability and specifications are subject to change without notice. From time to time we may bring more different flavors to market. Please contact STC for more information on our products and price list. We shall provide initial merchandise that may include promotional material and displays etc. All the merchandise remains the property of STC and we may withdraw the merchandise anytime. Prices and Payment of Goods Prices are subject to change without notice. All prices are stated in Australian Dollars (AUD) and include Goods and Services Tax (GST) where applicable. All goods purchased from STC must be paid for in full prior to dispatch unless a prior credit account has been arranged.Machine Repair / Service STC provides its customers 60 minute training that will include operation and basic servicing of the machine and all required cleaning practices. Annual service once a year may be however, undertaken by STC. We recommend cleaning of machine every start and end of day. Ongoing cleaning should be undertaken by staff / operator every time refilling and whenever required. Servicing the machine remains liability of Operator. In case of damage to machine and/or at times when machine becomes un-operational or stop working, we will provide either technician to repair the machine or will provide either a full replacement or temporary machine until the time the original machine starts working again and is brought back to full operation.

We provide delivery of goods to our customers. We deliver within 72 Hours or as early as possible within the Sydney Area. The delivery of goods outside Sydney Area will incur a shipping charge and will be shipped within 3 business days from site and may vary up to 7-15 Days depending upon shipping company schedule. The times may vary as per the schedule of shipping company. However, we take all necessary precautions and actions to make sure our customers receive our product in timely manner. Please contact STC for price list and shipping charges. More details will be available on our website.
Minimum order of 6KG or more for delivery is acceptable only. Please make sure you order well in advance before the stock runs out.
STC provides its customers 3 lane Tea Machines of high quality Australian Standards and CE approved to sell only Spiced Tea Chai products. The machines are pre-programmed to quantity for appropriate proportions of TEA that is full of flavor and hotness. For more information on our tea machine, please contact STC.

Insurance / Claims
STC is not liable for any Insurances or claims incase any injury / harm / onsite damage / fire / theft / death and any on site problems occur due to usage/non-usage of tea machine. We take no responsibility of providing any insurances. It is responsibility of the operator / Site owner to provide any insurances and ensure safety of its staff / workers and / or customers. Incase you are not sure and do not want services and tea machine, you should not take on this contract and our services.

We take a refundable security bond of $1000 at the time of signing this contract. The bond amount is fully refundable, if the machine is returned to us in original, undamaged condition and with all the equipment returned to us that is provided during initial supply of machine. We remain in all our rights to charge the portion/full amount incase machine is not working, damaged, ripped and any other losses that may occur during the usage tenure of machine. A valid reason will be provided to the operator of the deductions that may occur.

1. Please choose carefully as refunds or exchange of products are not provided where you have simply changed your mind, made a wrong selection including size and/or color, or simply found the goods cheaper elsewhere.
We recommend that you carefully review any orders before adding them to your shopping cart and proceeding with your order to the checkout.
If a purchase is made either online or by phone and a change of mind occurs a refund may be refused. If a refund is granted an administration and restocking fee of 10% to a maximum of $200 plus all freight costs incurred will be charged.
STC staff are available to answer any queries and/or difficulties you may experience relating to any purchase and/or checkout on our website. You can contact STC by email or by visiting contact us section on our website.
2. In the unlikely event of an incorrect item being dispatched STC will arrange for return shipment of this item. Upon notice to STC that an incorrect item was received by the consumer, dispatch of the correct item will be arranged. Alternatively STC will provide a full refund as soon as notification is received and the incorrect item has been collected and received (unused – and in it’s original packaging) by STC.
3. In the unlikely event of an incorrect item being dispatched to enable the return of the item or to be entitled to a full refund for this item, the item must be returned in the original packaging. If the item incorrectly dispatched is: (a) A Tea machine – The Tea machine must be unused and in the original packaging. If the machine has been used to produce any number of tea drinks STC reserves the right to reduce the refund amount by 25% (on the grounds that STC can not sell the item as new). (b) STC Tea products – The packaging must be sealed and in it’s original condition. If the product has been opened STC reserves the right to refuse the return of this product and/or refuse a refund. (c) Cleaning Product – The packaging must be sealed and in it’s original condition. If the product has been opened STC reserves the right to refuse the return of this product and/or refuse a refund.

A date and time is needed for machine installation. One of the authorized team members of staff/workers must be available at the time of installation. Also, STC Technician will charge for the visit incase no one is available onsite at the time agreed and have to return to base without installation. We may charge for re-delivery/installation fee of $200 incase first appointment is missed due to Operator not being on site or any other problem.

Terms of Website use
All the text, data, photos displayed on the website are property of STC or the respective owners. The data should not be copied, reproduced, sold, manipulated or shared without the consent of original owner, We reserve the right to take necessary action if a situation of data breach is found or reported.The product prices on website can be changed anytime without notice. STC reserves all rights to change the prices at anytime.STC is not liable in any situation where their is any direct or indirect loss to user of our website that is caused by usage of this website in any way. Their are situations beyond our control and STC takes no responsibility in this regard, Using or not using our website is completely user’s own decision. The quantities mentioned on our website relates to product quantities per 100ml of water for per 10-12g powder only. However, these quantities may change at anytime without notice and STC takes no responsibility as the quantities are at user’s usage type.Our products have clearly mentioned all the allergens information and ingredients, so if you are allergic to anything, please do contact us before use of our products to get more information. If you are unsure please do not use our products. STC takes no responsibility if our products are not used according to this procedure and we reserve all rights to take necessary action to protect our indemnity, assets and our company in all possible ways. We will not be held responsible of users neglective use of our products in any way.The photos of products used in our shop are for representative purposes only. The original product may differ in any or all aspects.The photos used on STC’s website are for representative purposes only. The tea machines and models may be different to what are shown on our website in any or all aspects. However, we try our best to provide the closest possible to what is shown on our website.The information / Offers on our website may change at anytime without notice. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more accurate details of what is available and on offer. STC will not be held liable for anything that has not been brought to our attention in a way that is trackable i.e., written notifications, email or establishing that a contact has been made with STC prior to any kind of action taken by the user in any way.

Please do contact us for any more information about anything that has not been made clear in our terms and conditions. We will be more than happy to assist. Please email us at only the following email addresses: You may however, opt to contact us through one of the forms on our website. We would love to respond to you within 4-72 hours or as quickly as possible. One of our team members will be happy to give you call in case you have left us with your contact numbers.